Our Science

THREE is the global leader in bioavailable wellness products. We discover, develop, and deliver the most effective proactive wellness solutions, guided by three pillars:


We search the world discovering new ingredients to use in our formulations.


Our products are carefully crafted to provide benefits specific to your body and needs.


Our innovative technologies deliver nutrients at the cellular level for maximum wellness.


Chief Scientific Officer

  • 15 years of cellular absorption experience
  • 16 patents granted or pending
  • Caltech-trained, Ph.D. in organic chemistry
  • Health influencer | 90K+ TikTok | Top 50 Podcast

The Product Line

-Provides a vast portfolio of vitamins, minerals, and
nutrients vital for proper health.*

-Promotes heart, brain, and eye health.*

-Supports health of the gut microbiome.*

-Promotes cellular energy.*

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-Detoxifies & cleanses 5 organs (liver, lungs, colon,
kidneys, and skin).*

-Supports the body’s elimination organs to remove

-Increases nutrient absorption in the body.*

-Helps support a healthy weight.*

-Eliminates heavy metal toxins.*

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-Promotes the health of the innate and adaptive
immune system.*

-Supports the body’s healthy immune response.*

-Enhances gut microbiome—as 80% of the immune
system is in the gut.*

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-Promotes vibrant and youthful-looking skin.*

-Delivers 5 grams of highly bioavailable marine

-Promotes the body’s natural ability to produce c

-Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.*

-Supports healthy immune response and joints.*

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-200mg Highly Bioavailable Resveratrol

-Protects and supports cells from damage and
premature aging.*

-Promotes cellular health and longevity.*

-Works to neutralize free radicals.*

-Delivers powerful phytonutrients to protect
against UV damage.*

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-Supports healthy joints.*

-Eases muscle stiffness.*

-Maintains a healthy inflammatory status in the

-Promotes exercise recovery.*

-Counteracts the effects of free radicals.*

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